Welcome to TrainUp.com! Do you need Microsoft Office, Business Skills, IT or personal development training for yourself, or perhaps you need it for your entire staff… You just aren’t quite sure how to begin looking? Not to worry, Let us show you what options are available, and assist you in making the most educated decision that will benefit you or your employees the most.

Firstly, let’s assess your needs. Is this for only yourself, or do you need this training for several staff members? We have two options available, depending on the number of attendees for training. If you are an individual seeking  training, then you may enroll into any of these classes you see on this website. These are referred to as “Open Enrollment” classes, which are publicly held, and you simply register here on the website to attend each class.

However, if you are seeking training for a larger audience, your entire team perhaps, we can help with that too! We call our second option, “On-site training”, and in this case, TrainUp can send a certified instructor to your facility (“on-site”) to teach your entire team all at once! You choose the time and date, and can even customize your own class outline!

Now, let’s clearly outline the benefits of each Open enrollment training method:

With Open enrollment classroom classes, you will experience a small to medium class size, hands on instruction, and have an instructor present in the room with you to keep you on track. Classes are listed on a schedule with certain dates, times, and locations available. You simply choose from the available dates, and enroll for that specific event online, then arrive to your class ready to learn!

Some classes you will see are listed as Virtual Live, meaning that you can learn remotely through a live web portal. In this case, you are assigned a unique set of login credentials and can learn from home rather than in a physical classroom setting. Virtual Live training is fully interactive, you can see and hear the instructor in real time, and have a live conversation with him/her. All without the need to travel to a classroom!

Additionally we also have self-paced e-learning available. With this learning method, students can enjoy 24/7 access to the course and may pause/resume whenever they like. Online learning is beneficial to those who seek training while working around a demanding personal or professional schedule.

When should you enroll?

One important piece of advice from our support team here at TrainUp.com, is that if you are enrolling in a class that is $1,000 or more, make sure you are enrolling at least 3 weeks in advance of the class start date, and at least 2 weeks in advance for lesser priced classes. It is important to note that classes fill up quickly, and that there is processing time involved in your enrollment. Last minute enrollments may not be processed in time for you to attend a class within the same week of registration, and you may wish to give us a call to check seat availability. If you are having an issue with an enrollment online, you can give us a call anytime for assistance over the phone.

On-site Training:

In contrast, when planning an On-site training for your team, you can choose your date, time, and location. You can also customize the content of the class, request additional topics, and even omit the ones you do not need. There is also zero travel involved for each participant since we come to you!

So you know how to enroll online for Open Enrollment classes, but how do you pursue On-site Training? This couldn’t be easier! Just be sure to plan ahead. We recommend booking your onsite training at least 6 weeks in advance, as our instructors stay busy, and therefore may be booked weeks ahead of time. Simply give us a call today or submit a request online, either way, one of our on-site training solutions managers will contact you quickly to discuss your needs further. With your assigned solutions manager, you can plan out your customized class, and receive a quote the very same day!

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