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Our online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, developed and written by Paul Keller (author of the best-selling Six Sigma Demystified text), includes detailed instruction in the application of the Six Sigma and Lean techniques necessary for actively leading Lean Six Sigma project teams.

This course features 33 Lessons, including:
  • Online access to detailed training materials
  • Reading assignments from highly-regarded texts, inlcuding Six Sigma Demystified (by Paul Keller) & Six Sigma Handbook (by Thomas Pyzdek, both included
  • Black Belt Student Notebook
  • Green Belt XL software (student version) by Quality America
  • Interactive exercises within each lesson
  • Study guide questions at conclusion of each lesson to test your knowledge
  • Online glossary and references for further information
  • Instructor support, provided by Lean Six Sigma author and trainer Paul Keller
  • IQF Certification Study Guide CD
  • IQF Certification Exam CD
  • Certificate of Completion and/or Lean Six Sigma Certification
Lean Six Sigma Certification (with or without projects), is subject to succesful completion of the Certification Exam and submittal of documentation of two successful Six Sigma projects.

Course Objectives

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Participate in the development of a successful Six Sigma / Lean Six Sigma program
  • Contribute to the definition of project selection criteria and develop project proposals to meet those criteria
  • Lead a Six Sigma project team, using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) problem solving methodology and team building skills
  • Apply and interpret basic and advanced Six Sigma tools, as necessary, for project definition, process baseline analysis, process improvement, and process control.
  • Demonstrate sufficient expertise of the Black Belt Body of Knowledge on an appropriate certification exam

Black Belt candidates generally have college degrees in industry-related fields, including business, engineering, or sciences. They are comfortable using mathematics, are experienced problem solvers, have college-level reading comprehension skills, and are proficient in using Windows-based computer software, including MS Office and general statistical software.

Intended Audience

This training is suitable for anyone with the appropriate pre-requisites and a desire to lead teams using the DMAIC methodology & advanced problem-solving tools.

PC Requirements

To access this course and Study Guide, users need the following:
  • Internet connection
  • Suitable browser, such as IE 5.0 or higher, with cookies enabled
  • Excel 97, 2000, 2002, XP, or 2007 running in MS Windows
  • A general statistical software package, such as Minitab

Topic Overview
  • Why Do Six Sigma?
  • How to Deploy Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Projects
  • DEFINE: Project Definition
  • DEFINE: Goals & Metrics
  • DEFINE: Project Financials
  • DEFINE: Project Scheduling
  • DEFINE: Change Management / Teams
  • MEASURE: Tools
  • MEASURE: Distributions
  • MEASURE: X-Bar Charts
  • MEASURE: Individuals Data
  • MEASURE: Process Capability
  • MEASURE: Attribute Charts
  • MEASURE: Short Run SPC
  • MEASURE: Measurement Systems Analysis
  • ANALYZE: Value Stream Analysis
  • ANALYZE: Sources of Variation
  • ANALYZE: Regression Analysis
  • ANALYZE: Multiple Regression
  • ANALYZE: DOE Introduction
  • ANALYZE: DOE Analysis Fundamentals
  • ANALYZE: Design Selection
  • ANALYZE: Transforms
  • IMPROVE: Tools
  • IMPROVE: Response Surface Analysis
  • IMPROVE: Ridge Analysis
  • IMPROVE: Simulations
  • IMPROVE: Evolutionary Operation
  • CONTROL: Tools
  • CONTROL: Serial Correlation
  • Design for Six Sigma Overview
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