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The Money 2003 Standard course provides an overview of the application and of the user interface. It covers requirements to set up a Microsoft .NET Passport and covers options in the Setup Assistant. The course teaches about accounts, categories, transactions, transfers, reports, and the New Paycheck Wizard. Important tasks including reconciling accounts and backing up and restoring files are covered in this course also.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify facilities available in Money 2003 Standard.
  • Identify component parts of the Money 2003 Standard interface.
  • Identify requirements for creating a Microsoft .NET Passport.
  • Identify options available in Setup Assistant.
  • Identify options for setting up a new account.
  • Identify features and functions of Money 2003 Standard categories.
  • Enter a transaction to pay a recurring bill.
  • Enter a transaction to transfer funds between accounts.
  • Identify New Paycheck Wizard options.
  • Identify guidelines for reconciling Money 2003 Standard accounts.
  • Back up and restore a Money 2003 Standard file.
  • Identify features of reports in Money 2003 Standard.
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