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Security is a vital consideration when setting up and managing a vSphere environment. Like most other areas of security within information technology, securing a vSphere environment means securing several different components of vSphere. This course examines vSphere security considerations, points of vulnerability, as well as VMware security resources. The majority of what you need to do as a vSphere administrator involves working with vCenter Server. Even so, it's still necessary to discuss how ESXi handles user authentication, because the mechanism vCenter Server uses to manage ESXi hosts also relies on ESXi authentication. And because the need to authenticate to ESXi still exists (even if you are authenticating indirectly through vCenter Server), you need to understand what options exist for managing users and groups on ESXi hosts. There are two basic options: managing users and groups locally on each host or integrating with Active Directory. This course explains roles, privileges, groups and users (RPGU) as well as Active Directory integration. This course can be used in preparation for the VCP5 exam. However, it is not sponsored or authorized by VMware so does not fully satisfy the training requirements to achieve the certification.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the characteristics of vSphere security
  • Describe local options that exist for managing users and groups on ESXi hosts
  • Sequence the steps to add and edit a role
  • Distinguish between the ESXi and vCenter server active directory integration processes
  • Identify the characteristics of the vSphere Authentication Proxy mechanism
  • Describe how the vSphere Authentication Proxy mechanism operates
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