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Presentation Skills Institute

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Presenting is a first-class skill and a pre-requisite for leadership. In this institute, students will be introduced to preparation strategies, speaking techniques, creative slide deck creation, meeting management strategies, and other necessary skills. Our faculty of experience business leaders will coach each student through the learning process, ensuring that all graduates have applied new ideas to their current context before graduation.

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Presentation Skills Institute Curriculum Plan

30 hours of learning content, minimum of 0.5 hours of coaching, 2 hours of contribution and online discussion.

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Telling a Business Story
0.50 Hours

As humans, we've been using narratives to share our knowledge and experiences with others since the beginning. But effective storytelling, specifically within a business context, requires thoughtful preparation and effective delivery. With practice, using storytelling can improve the way you communicate with key players inside – and outside – your organization. In this course, you'll learn how to plan and deliver effective stories that engage your target audience and help you accomplish your objectives.

Getting Your Pitch Heard
0.35 Hours

Innovation, disruption, and revolutionary ideas are the stuff of business success. But unless you can get those ideas across to the people in your organization how matter, they're destined to remain pipedreams. Bland business presentations aren't doing your ideas justice and boring PowerPoint presentations are blunting your message. But effective verbal communication, public speaking and presentation skills can be cultivated and improved. This course looks at methods for presenting your ideas in a convincing, succinct, and confident manner that will get them heard and given the attention they deserve.

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Adding Data to Presentations
0.50 Hours

If you would like to present data in a table or from another file, PowerPoint 2019 gives you multiple possibilities. In this 7-video course, learners will observe how to add tables to store and organize data, insert files, and create and modify equations. Key concepts covered in this course include how to insert a table to display data in a presentation, which can add structure to your data; how to use the alignment tools to format your table for better display or edit tables by inserting, resizing, and removing table elements; and how to insert a preset equation to display calculations in a presentation and to edit your equations by adding special characters. You will learn how to create a custom equation within a presentation by using the Ink Equation tool to write your own equations; how to import charts and tables from Excel; and how to insert an existing file or newly created file of other formats into your presentation.

The Reality of Being a First-time Manager
0.43 Hours

The first-time manager often doesn't realize how much their new role differs from that of an individual contributor. They may have misconceptions about what being a new boss entails, and be surprised to learn that the skills and methods required for success as an individual contributor and those needed for success as a new manager are very different. This course describes some of the myths about managing people and their corresponding truths in order to clarify what a new leader really does. It also points to the typical demands and constraints of a manager's job. Finally, it describes strategies for dealing with common mistakes when managing for the first time.

Public Speaking Strategies: Preparing Effective Speeches
1.00 Hour

The phrase natural born speaker is misleading. While some people are more outgoing and conversational, a well-delivered speech is far from being spontaneous or natural. In fact, effective public speaking requires significant planning and preparation. Like cooking, driving, or playing a sport, it's a learnable skill. This course teaches you how to prepare for public speaking, including determining your objective and audience profile, choosing your topic, and defining the theme of your speech. This course also covers best practices to follow when planning, researching, and writing your speech. These include identifying key points, looking at the topic from different perspectives, and structuring your speech into logical sequence. Finally, the course explores the importance of practicing your speech to become familiar and comfortable with it, using techniques such as getting feedback from a trial audience, and taping yourself when practicing.

The Value Proposition: Getting Your Pitch Right
0.35 Hours

Effectively expressing the value your company offers is one of the selling essentials of all sales methods. Successful sales pitches require a thorough knowledge and understanding of your company's strategies, operations, and solutions. In this course, you'll learn how to identify and articulate your company's value when selling and making pitches. You'll also learn how pitching its value to best fit your prospects' needs is part of a winning sales process.

Training and Presentation Skills
3.00 Hours

Develop your ability to create engaging, learner-centric training experiences by leveraging the ADDIE Model and acquire the skills to deliver impactful presentations with confidence and credibility.

Writing and Preparing an Effective Speech
0.38 Hours

Not everybody is a natural public speaker. Public speaking is a skill , one that requires significant planning and preparation. It involves developing written communication skills and learning how to deliver your writing in public. In this course, you'll learn how to write a speech by setting the aim of your speech and considering your audience and theme. You'll also be introduced to best practices for planning and researching a speech. And you'll learn how to check your written speech and ensure the grammar is correct.

Basic Presentation Skills: Delivering a Presentation
1.00 Hour

Excellence in presentation can be achieved when the standard of your delivery matches the quality of your content. You may have carefully planned and structured what you want to say, but if you deliver your message in a monotone while standing stiffly, you're probably not going to captivate the audience. Having diligently prepared for your presentation, you need to make sure that your delivery is engaging. You need to communicate your enthusiasm to the audience if you want them to be enthusiastic about your ideas. At the same time, you must appear composed and confident. This course describes how to make your delivery successful and memorable. It covers techniques for managing stage fright – the biggest problem most speakers have. It also explains how to set the right environment for your presentation by making the right choices about room layout and by preparing the room, including the equipment, lighting, and temperature. You'll also find out how to use your voice and body language to deliver your message clearly and effectively. Finally, the course outlines guidelines for handling audience questions – an area most speakers are also very concerned about. After all, how credible the audience finds you can be swayed by how effectively you answer the difficult questions that come up.

Making an Impact with Non-verbal Communication
0.33 Hours

There are many parts of the brain that have not changed much since the time of our earliest ancestors. We are still wired to respond automatically when we're afraid, threatened, disgusted, surprised, or happy. But we've come a long way in our development and understanding of non-verbal communication mechanisms. In this course, you’ll learn how our attitude and tone, as well as body language such as posture, gestures, and facial expressions, can have significant impact on the way we communicate. You’ll explore techniques to help you project a positive attitude and presence. You’ll also discover how to read other people’s body language.

Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations
0.75 Hours

To be effective, a presentation has to capture your audience's attention and deliver a compelling message. In this course, you'll learn design principles for creating engaging presentations in PowerPoint 2016. You'll also learn how to ensure your message is clear and persuasive, and how to use sound, images, color, and styles to optimize the visual impact that a presentation has on your audience. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers best practices when using PowerPoint 2016.

How to Build a Professional Brand and Image
3.40 Hours

Gain credibility and trust by building your professional brand and image. You will also gain insights to help you develop your emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Visme: Designing a Presentation
8.50 Hours

A presentation often requires powerful graphic elements in order to convey information effectively. Visme's versatile design elements can help you create an engaging and visually impactful presentation. In this course, you'll explore how to work with Visme's design elements and configurations to create a visually striking presentation. You'll begin by recognizing how to create a presentation from an existing template and modify it to suit a specific visual theme. You'll then examine how to configure presentation backgrounds by formatting text and icons, incorporating layers, and using a grid to align different elements. You'll also work with a map chart to highlight specific countries in the world that are relevant to your presentation. Finally, you'll discover how to collaborate with another Visme user by sharing your project.

Public Speaking Strategies: Confident Public Speaking
1.00 Hour

Effective speech delivery is crucial to public speaking, as it allows you to showcase your work and communicate with confidence. No matter how much time you've spent perfecting your message, no one will hear it if you are unable to engage your audience, handle on-the-spot challenges, and avoid being disrupted by nerves. This course looks at the methods you can employ to deliver an effective speech, such as making a good first impression and building rapport with your audience. The course also provides effective techniques for handling challenges that may arise while you are delivering a speech, such as regaining an inattentive audience's focus and handling difficult questions or hecklers. Finally, this course introduces strategies you can use to overcome public speaking anxiety.

Presenting Your Case
2.50 Hours

Have you ever attended a presentation that failed because the presenter was ill prepared or ineffective in his approach? A successful presenter must possess the proper skills to plan and deliver an effective business case presentation and employ strategies to establish and maintain the audience's attention. This course examines the careful planning and delivery of a business case presentation. It focuses on the use of visual aids and handouts in a presentation, the structure and development of a presentation in light of audience needs, and the elements involved in successfully delivering the presentation to that audience.

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Creating Presentations
1.00 Hour

Create your slides, and finesse them like a pro. Discover how to use themes, create and manipulate slides, and work with slide elements in PowerPoint 2019, in this 13-video course. Key concepts covered here include how to create and edit a new presentation; how to use themes and templates to create presentations; and how to specify the preset layout that can be applied when you insert a new slide. Begin by learning how to insert slides from an existing presentation; how to adjust a slide layout to add structure to your presentation and insert text elements and objects into the presentation automatically; and how to add slides quickly and easily move them around in presentations. Next, learn how to create a template from scratch which can be used to speed up the creation process; how to create sections to help structure your presentation; and how to use headers and footers. Finally, observe how using Master mode allows changes to the overall appearance of your presentation and changes to multiple slides at once.

Conquering the Challenges of Public Speaking
0.43 Hours

Most people find the task of public speaking daunting. But with enough practice and preparation, anyone can be effective at delivering a speech. Being a competent public speaker allows you to showcase your work and deliver an effective presentation. However, you won't convey your message if you fail to engage your audience, handle audience challenges that arise, and tackle your nerves and anxiety. In this course, you'll learn about the basics of good speech delivery and dealing with some of the most common challenges of public speaking, such as handling difficult questions or hecklers in your audience. You'll also find out methods of overcoming public speaking anxiety.

Communication Business Etiquette
2.50 Hours

"How's it going?" Is this an appropriate greeting in today's corporate workplace? How about telephone use? Is it always necessary to return phone calls? If so, how soon should you do it? Is e-mail the method of choice for communicating all your ideas, or is another way better? How important is your tone of voice when dealing with a customer? All these questions are a matter of etiquette. How you communicate--in person, over the phone, electronically, and with customers--has a direct effect on how people treat you, on whether you sell your idea or product, and on how quickly you advance in your career. In this course, you'll learn the subtleties of communication etiquette in the world of business.

Capturing the Attention of Senior Executives
0.50 Hours

Does your job require you to communicate critical information to c-suite executives, such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)? Perhaps you have opportunities to influence executive decision making, but don't know how best to deliver your message. In order to make the most of your communication with senior executives, you need to be prepared. In this course, you'll learn how to shape your message so it's communicated clearly to your organization’s c suite. You’ll discover how to build your credibility with those at the senior level, such as the CFO, CIO, and COO. And you'll explore how to approach and plan meetings with senior executives, and how to make your case – whether it's with an elevator pitch or a formal report.

Choosing the Right Interpersonal Communication Method to Make Your Point
0.50 Hours

Today there are more communication methods than ever before. Choosing the right method for the situation can have a huge impact on how your method is received. The further you stray from communication methods that are rich in personal attributes, the more likely it will result in a one-way communication. In this course, you'll learn how to select the best communication methods to convey your intention and target your audience. By doing so, you improve the odds of getting your message across and leaving your audience feeling informed, enlightened, and engaged.

How Culture Impacts Communication
0.50 Hours

With so much business happening on a global scale, cross-cultural communication is more important than ever before. Communication is always a challenge, and when diverse cultures interact, good communication can be even more challenging. In this course, you'll learn about the importance of achieving a proper mindset for cross-cultural communication. You'll explore aspects of cultures that affect how people communicate across cultural boundaries. You'll learn also considerations for speaking and writing in cross-cultural environments.

Data Communication and Visualization
1.20 Hours

The final step in the data science pipeline is to communicate the results or findings. In this course, you'll explore communication and visualization concepts needed by data scientists.

Strategies for Communicating with Tact and Diplomacy
0 Hours

Communicating with diplomacy and tact requires strategy, awareness, and skills. Its aim is to establish trust and rapport in relationships while delivering messages effectively. However, it's often pushed aside by good intentions cloaked by gut reaction and misinterpretation. This course provides techniques you can use to navigate through conversations in a way that shows sensitivity and respect for others. As well as exploring what you should say, the course shows you how you can use proper timing and delivery when conveying your message. This will enable you to deliver messages tactfully and diplomatically, without sacrificing your reputation or professional relationships.

The Art and Science of Communication
0.33 Hours

There is a science behind communication, including how we react neuro-physiologically to others – through verbal communication such as their words and tone, as well as the non-verbal communication of their actions and body language. There's also an art to communication, allowing your authentic self to shine through and allowing the exchange with another person to unfold naturally. In this course, you’ll learn about the art and science of communication. You’ll explore techniques for connecting with your audience and building trust with them so that your communication intention is clear and understood. You’ll also learn the basic principles of assertive communication that is positive and not aggressive.

Ensuring Successful Presentation Delivery
0.50 Hours

Whether your job includes delivering sales pitches, making PowerPoint presentations, or leading team trainings, presentation excellence can only be achieved when the standard of your public speaking matches the quality of your content. Having diligently prepared your presentation, you need to make sure that your delivery is engaging, enthusiastic, composed, and confident. In this course, you'll learn how to set up the right environment for your business presentations. You'll also learn techniques for managing stage fright and using your verbal communication skills and body language to deliver your message clearly and effectively. Finally, you'll learn about how to deal with audience questions in a Q&A session and the impact this has on your credibility.

Building Your Presentation
0.50 Hours

Effective business presentations need to have a sound structure. To ensure that your presentation has this structure, you need to consider its overall purpose, your audience, and the key points you'll be presenting, and then put them all together into a plan of action to guide you. In this course, you'll learn how to write the key parts of a presentation so they're memorable and effective. You'll also learn how to select and use eye-catching visual aids to bring your PowerPoint presentations to life. Finally, you'll learn how to rehearse your presentation – a key step for public speaking that will improve your verbal communication skills and build confidence for the real thing.

Planning an Effective Presentation
0.50 Hours

Concern about the impact of a presentation can inspire presenters to improve their verbal communication skills, enabling them to get the desired results. Public speaking and business presentations can be immeasurably improved if the presenter devotes sufficient time and attention to planning. In this course, you'll learn how to define and understand your audience's characteristics, knowledge, needs, and responses. You'll also learn how to organize your presentation's timing, purpose, key points, and approach so that it is engaging, focused, and relevant. Finally, you'll learn about different presentation methods, such as PowerPoint presentations, and when they're most effectively used.

Prezi Classic: Building Presentations
0.75 Hours

Build a presentation with Prezi. Discover how to create and open a presentation; import a PowerPoint presentation; use built-in presentations; work with frames, layouts, and text; and change the order of steps in a presentation path.

Show All Courses Descriptions
Proven Techniques for Technical Communication
0.33 Hour

Communicating technical information can be a challenging task. Whether you’re a technical guru or someone less experienced, and whether your audience is made up of experts or novices, you need proven strategies to succeed. In this course, you will learn techniques for conveying technical information in an easy-to-understand manner for a variety of audiences.

Establishing Effective Virtual Teams
0.50 Hour

Building and managing teams is enough of a challenge when everyone is in the same location. Collaboration when working on a team that's virtual requires even more commitment. In this course, you'll learn about teamwork and team leadership when working on a virtual team. You'll cover remote management and tactics for communication, assessment, and meetings for virtual teams.

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Using Multimedia in Presentations
1.00 Hour

A picture speaks a thousand words, but why stop there? Explore the graphic elements of PowerPoint, from working with images to audio and video files as well as hyperlinks with PowerPoint 2019 in this 11-video course. Key concepts covered here include how to insert hyperlinks to access websites, files, and send e-mails; how to insert an image from existing files or online locations; and how to insert screenshots from an open program or online source. You will learn how to modify an image position by using rotation and cropping; how to edit an image's size, border, and apply effects; and how to modify an images aspects to improve its appearance. The course continues by demonstrating how to insert a 3D model from an existing file or an online source; how to insert an existing audio file or an audio recording; and how to insert a file from your computer or an online source. Finally, learn how to edit a video in a presentation; and learn to create a photo album presentation.

PowerPoint 2019: Adding Animations
0.50 Hour

In this 8-video course, learners can explore how to add animation to a PowerPoint presentation to create more interesting presentations. You will learn to add animations to different types of objects in your slides, such as Shapes, Images, and Text boxes. You will learn how to modify the basic effects, adjust the duration, to delay an animation, and create a trigger. Then you will examine how color and text effects enhance the appearance of presentations. You will learn how to personalize a slide show by using the create animation tool, or how to create your own animation. If a presentation contains multiple animations, you will learn to manage them all at the same time, by using the Animation pane. You will learn how to use Master View to add animation to multiple slides. Continue by learning how to make a PowerPoint presentation more interesting by inserting transitions between slides. Finally, learners will observe how to make a presentation smoother and more dynamic by adding a morph transition to slides.

PowerPoint 2019: Formatting Presentations
0.60 Hour

Once you start adding text elements to a presentation, you will need to know how to format and organize them. In this 9-video course, learners will observe how to adjust text, add elements such as bulleted lists, and modify paragraph settings within PowerPoint 2019. Key concepts covered here include how to adjust the appearance of text by using font and text size tools and adding effects; how to align your text and adjust its position on the slide by using the standard horizontal and vertical alignment options; and how to rotate your text by adjusting the text position on your slide by using the Rotate tool. Begin by learning how to organize your text into columns to help maximize the space within a slide; how to insert bullet points and to adjust the points' style and appearance; and how to insert a number list. Finally, learn how to modify your paragraph indentation to help give your text element structure, and learn to modify your line and paragraph spacing to make text easier to read.

Product Management: Communication for Product Managers
0.80 Hour

Making sure the right people have the right information at the right time can make or break a company. Since product managers are at the hub of a company’s activities, they bear much of the communication burden in the organization. It’s their responsibility to make sure everyone has a shared understanding of what’s going on. In this course, you will learn how product managers serve as a communication hub within their organization, how to get the most mileage out of your communication channels, how to polish your public speaking skills, how to keep everyone in your company on the same page, how to foster cross-team, communications, and how to map out your communication strategy.

Communication, Changes, and Documentation
1.00 Hour

During the execution of project work, the project manager is responsible for communicating project performance. At this stage, project work has begun, and preventive or corrective changes may be needed to ensure performance aligns with the plan. Documentation of all project plans, activities, and changes is vital. Documents may be used for reference purposes, to avoid misunderstandings, and to record lessons learned for this and future projects. This course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information so you can effectively put principles to work at your own organization. This course will assist in preparing you for the CompTIA Project+ exam, and it is aligned with exam version PK0-004.

PowerPoint 2019: Configuring PowerPoint
0 Hour

Explore different ways to adjust and customize the Presentation View in PowerPoint in this 5-video course, which demonstrates how the PowerPoint interface can be customized to make presentations more visually appealing. This course demonstrates how to customize the View interface, Quick Access Toolbar, and ribbon. You will learn to how to resize the size of each display section; to change the amount of space taken up by each element on your screen; to change the size of the Slide pane; and to change the size of the thumbnails of your slides. This course demonstrates how to obtain Add-ins from the office store, and how install and use Add-ins. You will learn how to choose a different color scheme, change the Office background design, and how to activate or deactivate certain tools. You will see how to use Toolbar as a shortcut to access frequently used tools. Finally, learners will observe how to customize and use the PowerPoint ribbon.

Facing Virtual Team Challenges
0.45 Hour

Virtual teams can face the same difficulties as other teams, but also have unique challenges. In this course, you'll learn how to handle challenges facing your team, and how to evaluate your own style.

Embracing Allyship Leadercamp: Session Replay
1.02 Hour

This is a recorded replay of the Embracing Allyship Leadercamp Live session that ran on August 25th at 10 AM ET led by La'Wana Harris, author of Diversity Beyond Lip Service: A Coaching Guide for Challenging Bias. " The Embracing Allyship Leadercamp will illuminate how embracing your role as an ally can help you achieve significant and lasting change — as an individual, a team member, and a leader in your organization.

Techniques for Communicating Effectively with Senior Executives
1.00 Hour

Understanding how to communicate effectively with senior executives is a valuable skill for any professional. How else will you pitch your great idea to your CEO or report on key successes or failures? What if you've got only a few minutes to get your message across? This course provides direction on how to carry out executive-level communications in both formal and informal settings. It also explores different communications media and how they might be used to convey your message to senior executives. Finally, the course recognizes the different reasons why you might communicate with the "C" Level. It offers specific guidance on furnishing reports, making proposals, and requesting additional resources.

Creating a Plan for Performance Management
0.30 Hour

Do you know if your team's goals are consistently being met or if employees are always performing at their peak? Do you dread difficult conversations when there's a performance problem that needs to be addressed? Effectively managing performance can help avoid termination of employees and boost productivity at all levels of your organization. Challenging and engaging top performers is key, as these high achievers are very valuable to the company and may terminate their contracts to seek challenges elsewhere. In this course, you'll learn about the factors involved in successful performance management. You'll explore the phases of the performance management process, critical success factors, and key performance indicators. Finally, you'll learn about identifying key job requirements when creating a role profile.

Publisher 2016 for Windows: Illustrating Publications
0.75 Hour

Add some visual flair to your publications with the Publisher 2016 illustration tools. One of Microsoft's suite of Office applications, Publisher 2016 is the tool of choice for creating publications with professional quality graphic layout. During this course, you will explore different topics such as how to insert and edit shapes images, objects and hyperlinks. Find out how to insert and edit a table and how to use building blocks. Support your document's textual meaning with related graphical elements.

Publisher 2016 for Windows: Creating, Opening & Saving Publications
0.75 Hour

Publisher 2016 is the desktop publishing application in Microsoft's Office 2016 suite of tools. This course teaches you how to get started with the application, and begin creating, saving, and sharing your publications. Topics include how to access the Publisher application, create and access a document, and apply templates to it. You'll also explore how to navigate the features and functions of the Publisher interface. See how to browse your publication document and how to organize the page view. Observe how to save your document in native Publisher format or as a PDF, distribute your publication and export it in file format. Finally, learn how to send it as an email or print your finished product.

A Manager's Guide to Diversity, Inclusion, and Accommodation
0 Hour

Leading and managing employees in an increasingly diverse workplace can be both rewarding and challenging. What are the expectations of employees? What legislation applies to managing people and their requests? What are the consequences of failing to comply? Managers must operate with sensitivity in handling accommodations for disabilities, religious practices, and medical leave. This requires a basic understanding of anti-discrimination and disability legislation, as well as the employer's policies. This course provides an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (as amended), the Family and Medical Leave Act, and other legislation that affects employers' responsibilities in these areas. The course will help managers identify the situations where these laws come into play so that they can respond appropriately to specific requests. This course was developed with subject matter support provided by the Labor, Employment, and Employee Benefits Law Group of the law firm of Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green PA. Please note, however, that the course materials and content are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Nothing herein, or in the course materials, shall be construed as professional advice as to any particular situation or constitute a legal opinion with respect to compliance with any federal, state, or local laws. Transmission of the information is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Readers should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel. The information contained herein is provided only as general information that may or may not reflect the most current legal developments. This information is not provided in the course of an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to constitute legal advice or to substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney licensed in your state.

The Discovery Meeting: Starting Off on the Right Foot
0.33 Hour

Discovery meetings are one of the earliest times in the sales process to build credibility, momentum, and trust. When conducted effectively, they deepen your understanding of customer opportunities and enable sales methods that leave your prospect intrigued to hear about your solutions. In this course, you'll learn some selling essentials to prepare for discovery, including how to secure the meeting, and how to conduct yourself once you are at face-to-face with the customer. The selling skills you learn will help you remain confident, avoid surprises, and get the relationship with your prospective customer off on the right foot.

Publisher 2016 for Windows: Using the Merge Tools
0.50 Hour

Use Microsoft Publisher 2016 to produce professional quality graphics and layouts for your documents! In this course, you will learn how to create, import, and manage your data entries, as well as arrange data and image fields in a publication. Learn to use output to create new documents, import a mailing list, use mail merge, send a publication with e-mail merge, and personalize publications with mail merge.

Publisher 2016 for Windows: Designing & Structuring Publications
1.00 Hour

Designing your document's page layout in Publisher 2016 for Windows couldnt be easier. As part of Microsoft's suite of Office applications, Publisher 2016 is the tool of choice to create publications with professional quality graphic layout. Learn how to apply common graphical properties across pages to unify your publication's appearance. During this course, you will see how to create a master page, how to organize and manage your pages, and how to modify the page structure and background. You will also see how to add headers, footers, page numbers, and watermarks to your document, as well as how to create and manage document catalogs and indexes.

Preparing for Successful Sales
1.00 Hour

Selling can be a demanding, even daunting task. How do you develop a persuasive sales pitch? What makes for an effective sales presentation? What do you do when customers raise objections during a sales pitch? How do you close a sale? This course provides insight into the answers to these questions while it teaches you how to prepare for and deliver effective sales presentations that will resonate with your target audience. You will learn techniques for negotiating during a sale, handling objections, and successfully closing a sale.

PowerPoint 2019: Getting Started
0 Hour

Create presentations quickly using PowerPoint 2019 for Windows. Key concepts covered in this course include how to open the app from the Search bar or the Start menu, or pin the app to your taskbar for quicker access. Learners will observe how to use the variety of different tools such as the Office tool ribbon to operate key menus and functions and different ways of navigating and visualizing presentation slides. There are also topics on how to activate rulers and gridlines to align and adjust slide elements. Conclude by discovering how to handle several documents at the same time and move between open windows and presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Mac: Using Office 365
0.25 Hour

If you or your organization has a qualifying Office 365 subscription, you can use it to install PowerPoint 2016 on your Mac computer. During this course, you will learn how to download the latest software updates directly from Microsoft. You'll be shown how to use new, streamlined document management tools; watch how to quickly create presentations; and observe how to apply the QuickStarter tool to simplify how you build slide decks. Other topics include how to rescue your creations with PowerPoint’s new AutoSave feature. Finally, explore new ways to collaborate on PowerPoint documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Mac: Building and Structuring a Presentation
0.85 Hour

Build your slide deck from scratch, or use themes and templates to get a head start. Import slides from existing files, create sections and custom layouts, and use the Master view to dig into your presentation's underlying structure.

Redefining Yourself after Organizational Change
0.50 Hour

Organizational change is inevitable, so you need to be resilient and adapt to the new opportunities it presents. It's important to not just survive organizational change. With resilience, flexibility, and perseverance, you can thrive in it and propel your career forward. In this course, you will learn the importance of adapting to organizational change, as well as the essential skills needed to handle it. The course details the best practices of building self-motivation and introduces the idea of reframing as a coping method. You'll learn to turn resistance to change into acceptance. Finally, this course covers the importance of capitalizing on the career opportunities presented by organizational change.

Publisher 2016 for Windows: Editing Publications
0.75 Hour

Lay out graphically attractive text with Microsoft Publisher 2016. Publisher 2016 allows you to quickly create visually attractive publications that combine text, illustrations, tables, and other design elements. In this course, you will see how to enter and modify text, how to cut copy and paste elements, how to find and replace words, and how to spell check your document. Learn how to use WordArt, modify a document's properties, and configure the auto correct options.

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Enhancing Presentation Designs
0.75 Hour

In order to help your presentation stand out, you can add color, modify the theme, and even add design elements by using the Designer tool with PowerPoint 2019. The key concepts covered in this 10-video course include how to add color to a presentation to help elements stand out or to change the overall appearance of inserted objects; how to create custom colors to add to text and inserted objects; and how to use the text direction tools to change the rotation and orientation of text. Begin by learning how to apply presentation themes that complete with a variety of different predefined elements, such as text font, size and background images or colors; how to create your own custom presentation theme; and how to create a custom background by using textiles, saved images, and online sources. Finally, learn how to access and use Draw tools; how to use WordArt tools to customize a title and convert existing text into a WordArt title; and how to customize text effects applied to a WordArt title.

PowerPoint 2019: Preparing & Delivering Slideshows
0.75 Hour

This 11-video course helps learners explore the use of PowerPoint by focusing on how to control the delivery of a slide show. After you have activated your slide show, you will observe several tools to control how your presentation progresses. You will then learn how to turn your mouse into a laser pointer, and to activate the Summary View, and the Presenter View to control the slide show. Next, learn how to use the notes pane to store and access information you may need to help present your presentation. Learners will then explore how to associate an action with an item, including another slide, file, program, or website. You will learn how to use the Annotation tools, including the pen, highlighter, and eraser. Continue the course by learning how to use the PowerPoint Zoom tool to add slide summaries and to access different slides and sections in your presentation. You will explore how to record narrations, annotations, and timings. Finally, you will observe how to use PowerPoint to deliver your presentation online.

PowerPoint 2019: Creating Graphics & Diagrams
0.66 Hour

PowerPoint 2019 allows you to take your presentation to the next level by creating diagrams, inserting shapes, and adding SmartArt graphics. Key concepts covered in this 10-video course include how to insert predefined shapes to create a diagram and once inserted, to customize by changing dimensions, style, or adding text to it; how to create custom shapes, as well as being able to design a shape with freehand tools; and how to add fill effects to inserted shapes such as using block colors, applying gradients, adding pictures, and even bitmap textures. You will learn how to customize your shapes and text boxes by changing the border styles, by creating thicker lines, colored lines, and adjusting line style; how to add effects like a shadow to inserted shapes; and how to use the chart creation tool or insert a preexisting chart and format either one. Finally, learners observe how to insert predefined SmartArt graphics into a presentation, and edit it by changing size and layout and change the format by modifying style and color.

Interpersonal Communication: Communicating Assertively
1.00 Hour

Effective communication in the workplace can be a balancing act. If you're too passive, you may have trouble getting others to do what you want. If you're too aggressive, you may turn people off. Getting what you want in the workplace requires a balance of assertiveness without aggressiveness. This course will guide you as you move into a more straightforward and more effective communication style. You'll learn about the benefits of assertive behavior and how to distinguish it from passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive behavior. You'll also learn about the requirements for assertive communication, such as being honest and straightforward, being respectful of others' needs and feelings, and using assertive body language and tone. Finally, you'll learn about how to increase the power of your assertive communication when your first attempts don't get the results you intended. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

PowerPoint 2013: Creating Presentations
1.50 Hour

Build your slide deck from scratch, or use themes and templates to get a head start. Discover how to create presentations, manipulate slides, use views, work with themes and templates, and much more.

Becoming More Professional through Business Etiquette
0.25 Hour

Your reputation often precedes you in any work environment. It can define your credibility, impact your career opportunities, and shape your relationships with your colleagues. In this course, you'll learn the basics of how to act professionally and practice proper business etiquette. You'll learn how to project a professional image, both in your appearance and in your workspace décor. Finally, you'll learn how to ensure your personal activities, including your social media presence, don't negatively impact your work reputation.

Using Business Etiquette to Build Professional Relationships
1.00 Hour

Business etiquette is a fundamental element for building positive professional relationships. Whether it's interacting with colleagues, connecting with clients, or speaking to superiors, understanding the unspoken rules of business etiquette will help establish rapport and build trust. When you show that you recognize the nuances of business etiquette, you demonstrate competence and establish creditability, both of which are essential for your reputation. This course demonstrates how to put business etiquette to work for you. You'll learn how to make a positive first impression by practicing the appropriate code of behavior. The course also explores how to develop professional relationships by leveraging etiquette rules. Finally, it considers how to diffuse conflict when it occurs so you can maintain a positive relationship with others.

PowerPoint 2019 (Windows): Enhancing Presentation Designs
0.66 Hour

In order to help your presentation stand out, you can add color, modify the theme, and even add design elements by using the Designer tool with PowerPoint 2019. The key concepts covered in this 10-video course include how to add color to a presentation to help elements stand out or to change the overall appearance of inserted objects; how to create custom colors to add to text and inserted objects; and how to use the text direction tools to change the rotation and orientation of text. Begin by learning how to apply presentation themes that complete with a variety of different predefined elements, such as text font, size and background images or colors; how to create your own custom presentation theme; and how to create a custom background by using textiles, saved images, and online sources. Finally, learn how to access and use Draw tools; how to use WordArt tools to customize a title and convert existing text into a WordArt title; and how to customize text effects applied to a WordArt title.

The Mechanics of Communicating Effectively
3.00 Hour

Your voice, your ability to listen, and your body language are your three vital communication tools. However, because they are given at birth they are often taken totally for granted. People mistakenly believe that because these tools are in constant daily use that they are already the best they can be. However it is possible to improve the quality of these communication essentials, and this course sets out to help you do just that. The effectiveness of your communication depends more on how you sound than the words you use. You may have something important to say and have the right words and phrases to get your point across but if your voice doesn't do it justice, your message won't be heard. This course explains how to develop a voice that people want to listen to, and gives some valuable remedies to use to make your speaking voice the best it can be. Similarly, good listening involves more than just hearing what is being said. To be an accomplished listener you must be prepared to become actively involved in the process, demonstrating your willingness to truly understand what the other person is saying. In this course you will be given strategies to assist you to improve your listening skills and in doing so to make solid connections with those you communicate with. Finally, this course will introduce you to the "silent" language of the body, giving you the ability to recognize when there is conflict between what is being said and a person's true feelings.

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