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Conducting effective interviews is as much an art as it is a science. You need to use your instinct and discernment, but solid preparation is equally important. Preparing properly helps you evaluate candidates accurately and fairly, helps to create a positive impression, and shows that you are professional. It can also help you avoid common errors such as talking too much, or asking close-ended questions that tell you little about the candidate. Proper preparation can help you avoid legal troubles as well. This course covers key issues to consider when preparing to interview. It describes the importance of determining an interview structure, writing out some questions beforehand, and scheduling the interview effectively. It also identifies common interviewing errors. Finally, it describes how to avoid unfair practices when you interview candidates.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize effective ways to prepare to interview selected candidates
  • Recognize examples of common interviewing errors
  • Identify ways to avoid unfair practices when you interview candidates for a job
  • Recognize the benefits of knowing the legal issues surrounding hiring
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