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Behavioral-based interviewing is becoming the norm as people realize its effectiveness in predicting what a candidate's behavior and performance are likely to be in the position for which they are interviewing. In behavioral interviews, you ask questions that get the candidates to describe how they handled real situations in the past. This enables you to find out not just what the candidates did but how they did it. Candidates can then be assessed based on actual behaviors that are related to the competencies for the job, rather than on possible or potential behaviors or performance. This course describes the characteristics of behavioral-based interviewing, how to develop behavioral-based questions, and then how to ask those questions effectively in an interview.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize characteristics of behavioral-based interviewing
  • Identify the benefits of being able to use behavioral-based interviewing
  • Identify appropriate behavioral-based questions for a given job
  • Identify strategies for asking questions in a behavioral interview
  • Use behavioral-based questions effectively in a given interview
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