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Windows 7 is the latest evolution in the Windows workstation product line of operating systems. Windows 7 builds on the accomplishments of Windows Vista and adds enhancements to create an increasingly easy environment to manage. This course looks at the SKUs of Windows 7 that will be available and discusses what is appropriate depending on environmental needs. This course also looks at Windows 7's compatibility with Windows Vista and the built-in driver support for Vista-capable hardware, and deployment methods and technologies such as DISM and WAIK. Windows 7 includes troubleshooting technologies such as the Action Center, Problem Steps Recorder, and Device Stage. BitLocker has been made simpler to use and AppLocker is used to control user access to applications. Remote and mobile availability under Windows 7 are also analyzed. This course will prepare IT professionals for the new environment they will manage while working with Windows 7.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the markets that the various editions of Windows 7 are aimed at
  • Identify improvements to Windows 7 performance
  • Recognize how image deployment works in Windows 7
  • Determine the most appropriate Windows 7 edition to deploy and the tools with which to do so
  • Recognize the features of Device Stage
  • Use the Action Center
  • Recognize the features of troubleshooting tools in Windows 7
  • Use AppLocker to create a rule
  • Recognize how BitLocker has been simplified in Windows 7
  • Use BitLocker To Go to encrypt a removable drive
  • Identify the network enhancements for Windows 7
  • Configure Action Center settings
  • Create a rule with AppLocker
  • Encrypt a removable drive with BitLocker To Go
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