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Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows PC desktop operating system. This version represents a significant upgrade which incorporates a default Windows 8 tablet style interface. The Windows desktop will be still available, but with a number of upgrades including changes to File Explorer and how mobile connections are handled. This course will introduce learners to the different ways they can manage files and folders in Windows 8 using the improved File Explorer tool as well as how to manage network connections.

Learning Objectives
  • Use the File Explorer Ribbon to manage files
  • Share files from File Explorer
  • Create a custom library
  • Use commands to help you change the scope of a search in Windows 8
  • Determine the correct network connection types for a given scenario in Windows 8
  • Get online with Windows 8 in a given scenario
  • Manage files using File Explorer
  • Manage your network connections
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Files and Connectivity in Windows 8 Online course
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