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Do you remember what prefixes and suffixes are? Do you know how to form plurals and possessives correctly in your business writing? Are you confident when it comes to spelling? This course explains how to use words correctly, including some key rules on how to spell correctly. It covers rules for properly constructing prefixes and suffixes. In addition, the course describes how to form plurals and possessives correctly. And it presents spelling rules and tips to help you become a better speller. Knowing the rules, as well as the exceptions, when it comes to details like these will make you a more confident writer and leave a good impression on your readers.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to correctly construct prefixes and suffixes
  • Recognize how to form plurals correctly
  • Identify examples of correctly formed possessives
  • Recognize basic spelling rules that govern the spelling of given words
  • Identify ways you can become a better speller
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Business Grammar: Working with Words Online course
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