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This course covers advanced techniques in styling HTML5 text and block properties, using CSS3 selectors with jQuery, using custom fonts and flexible grid layouts, and implementing adaptive user interfaces.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize techniques in styling HTML5 text with CSS3
  • To recognize techniques in styling HTML block properties with CSS3
  • Demonstrate the use of new features in CSS3 for styling text, using custom web fonts, and for styling HTML5 block elements
  • Recognize how to use CSS3 selectors and rules
  • Explore new CSS3 selectors with jQuery
  • Describe new CSS3 flexible box layouts and the use of media queries to implement adaptive user interfaces
  • Demonstrate how to use CSS3 flexible grid techniques and media listeners to re-shape and re-order the presentation of block elements on a sample page for a mobile viewport
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2012: HTML5, CSS3, and Adaptive UIs Online course
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