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Rolling out an onboarding strategy can help your organization create more engaged new employees and help them embrace your company culture. This, in turn, helps reduce turnover rates and can have a positive impact on your bottom line. But where should you start with your onboarding program? If you think the process seems overwhelming, you're not alone. This course introduces actions you can take before the new hire arrives. It then considers the activities that should take place in the ensuing days, weeks, and months. It is the manager – not HR – who's responsible for the onboarding program and who can make or break the process. To that end, the course provides tips for how the manager can best embrace the process and be aware of the challenges it involves. The buddy system, a valuable part of the onboarding program, is explained in detail.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the challenges of the onboarding process
  • Choose a buddy in a given onboarding scenario
  • Determine if a manager created a compelling first-week experience for a new hire in a given scenario
  • Support a new hire in a given onboarding scenario
  • Identify the components of supportive onboarding
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