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When a writing project is time sensitive, it becomes all the more valuable to have a reliable, systematic writing process. Otherwise you may end up overwhelmed and frustrated, or so rushed that you produce less than your best work. Even when you're under pressure to complete your writing assignment, you can still achieve great results with a communication that's clear and concise, and achieves its purpose. This course provides you with a step-by-step process for producing a quality document under a tight schedule. It explores how to streamline your writing process by determining why and for whom you're writing, and what the reader needs to know. It then moves through the steps of generating ideas, gathering information, and organizing those ideas into an outline. This course also offers strategies for overcoming writer's block, getting the words to flow, and ultimately revising the written piece into a polished final product.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to generate ideas as a first step in the writing process
  • Recognize the pattern and significance of a completed outline in a writing scenario
  • Recognize practices that will help you begin writing a draft with confidence
  • Recognize basic structural elements in a sample written draft
  • Identify good practices for revising and editing your draft
  • Apply key steps in the writing process
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