Live Business Skills courses

Course IDTitle# of EventsDurationTypePriceMore Info
190939Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors411 day 199.00190939
190933The Managers and Supervisors Conference341 day 149.00190933
190930Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines1521 day 99.00190930
190931Fundamentals of Successful Project Management622 days 399.00190931
190932Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader412 days 299.00190932
190934The Conference on Leadership Development and Teambuilding531 day 149.00190934
190936The Administrative Assistants Conference791 day 149.00190936
190942How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People872 days 299.00190942
190944Business Writing and Grammar Skills Made Easy and Fun!792 days 299.00190944
190945How to Become a Better Communicator771 day 149.00190945
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CourseDurationTypePriceMore Info
Business Skills:The Dietitian's Guide to Negotiating and Writing Contracts-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>30.00194058
Business Management Certificate-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>3225.00188431
Workplace Harassment for Supervisors and Managers (Update Available)-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>74.95203870
Recruiting & Hiring Training & Certification Program-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>399.00187637
QDRO Training & Certification Program-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>399.00187636
Performance & Appraisal Training & Certification Program-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>399.00187634
Value Selling In Today's Markets-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>245.00186051
Project Management - Professional Business Education Certificate Programs-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>3225.00188436
Business Skills Development e-Learning Package-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>299.00197736
Business Etiquette in Introductions-<span class="course-type type-o">O</span>74.95200414
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Online Training Bundles

Bundle IDTitleDuration# of CoursesPriceMore Info
252447The Foundations of Six Sigma Part 1-6219.00252447
252450The Fundamentals of Globalization-7239.00252450
252453Developing Strategic Thinking Acumen-7239.00252453
252470Recruiting and Retention Strategies Part 2-6219.00252470
252481The Fundamentals of Business Crises Management-5199.00252481
252485Management Essentials Part 2-5199.00252485
252487Performance Appraisal Essentials-5199.00252487
252493Advanced Management Skills Part 2-5199.00252493
252512Making Cross-Functional Teams Work-6219.00252512
252523Fundamentals of Working with Difficult People Part 1-5199.00252523
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