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Managing time effectively entails analyzing your goals, breaking those goals into tasks, and then prioritizing those tasks. This isn't always easy or clear cut, given the number of tasks you may need to complete. But if you set clear and measurable goals and then develop an effective to-do list, you'll find prioritizing your many tasks is easier. And, in the end, you'll manage your time better. This course focuses on ways to prioritize your workload. It discusses how to prepare a useful to-do list and prioritize the items on it. The course also outlines how to sequence and queue tasks to help improve your time management. Finally, it describes how to estimate time frames so you can schedule your tasks effectively and meet your deadlines. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Learning Objectives
  • Prioritize tasks from a given to-do list
  • Identify which criteria have been applied in a given to-do list
  • Recognize the type of things that should be considered when sequencing tasks
  • Identify when to use different queuing methods
  • Use the time frames equation to estimate the shortest possible completion time for a given task
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