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What are the training objectives for this program?

Participants will learn how to:

*  Significantly increase their reading speed
*  Spend less time re-reading and reviewing
*  Significantly improve their reading comprehension
*  Significantly improve their reading retention
*  Improve their critical reading & thinking skills
*  Improve their overall concentration skills while reading
*  Find key information quickly and accurately
*  Decipher complex reading materials
*  Efficiently time manage their reading assignments

How is this speed reading program different?

Difference #1 - Reading Speed

This is not a gimmick course.  Many "speed reading" programs will show participants how to "view" 3,000 words per minute or faster, which is useful for researching or reviewing material, but it is not reading - it is scanning. To read beyond 1,000 words per minute requires readers to skip words; when readers skip words, they lose comprehension. 

As you know, simply having a general understanding of the reading material is not always sufficient.  Technical materials, for example, require a slower, more comprehensive reading approach during certain sections.  Our reading methods actually work like a car accelerator pedal - participants will learn how to adjust their reading speed to match the material (and their personal and professional deadlines). 

In fact, by the end of this program participants will see a dramatic improvement in their reading speed and comprehension.  As they continue to apply our reading methods, they should be able to exceed 3,000 words per minute for "light" reading or research work, and 600 - 900 words per minute for more challenging material.  

The current reading speed average for adults is about 250 words per minute.

Difference #2
- Reading Comprehension

A fast reading speed improves efficiency only if the reader comprehends the material the first time through.  Therefore, this program involves a heavy focus on reading comprehension.  We will show participants how to structure each reading assignment to ensure the pertinent information is “locked” in their head for quick comprehension and fast recall.

To help participants immediately apply this new skill, they will actually practice our reading strategies on their own work-related documents (during the training class portion of this program).

Can you customize Target Reading for organizations and groups?

Yes, we can tailor this program to meet the specific training needs any organization or group.  We also offer the following all-inclusive rates:

Group Rate: $3,000 (up to 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195 (minimum of 6 participants)

Rates include:

* A 1-day interactive training class customized to your specifications
* Delivery of the class at a location and time of your choosing
* All Target Learning administration and travel expenses
* A workbook for each participant containing all the reading strategies
* Worksheets to apply the strategies using their personal thinking style
* Six months of access to your instructor after the training class



"Overall, I was really impressed.  I was skeptical in the beginning. I am now very pleased to say it really honestly works."   

Stephen Rhudy (Public Seminar)

"I liked the results - significant increases in both my reading speed and comprehension."  

Dave Allain, Systems Analyst

"I like the workbook that we are able to keep and refer to later.  I also like the fact that we can contact the instructor by e-mail later with all our questions."  

Kristie Risenger - Administrative Assistant

"This has really helped me to learn how to read faster.  Great methods for note-taking and having better comprehension."  

William Lane, Jr. - Impact Ministries


Learning Style Indicator
An assessment tool to identify your most efficient way to receive new information.

Thinking Style Indicator
An assessment tool to identify your most efficient way to process new information.

Reading Skill Assessment 
An assessment tool to determine your current reading strengths & weaknesses


Barriers to Fast Reading 
You will learn the mental and physical barriers that currently prevent you from reading very fast.  

Reading in the Fast Lane
You will learn how to apply a proven technique to improve your reading speed and allow you to adjust your speed based on the complexity of the material.  

You will learn how to scan and research new material at 3000+ wpm. 

Reading Time Management 
A step-by-step checklist to help you organize and manage your reading assignment to ensure you complete your assignments on time. 


Barriers to Great Comprehension 
You will learn the mental and physical barriers that currently prevent you from comprehending and retaining new information the first time you read it. 

Linear Comprehension Tool 
A consistent step-by-step reading approach designed for Linear Thinkers (i.e. analytical & detail-oriented thinkers).

Global Comprehension Tool 
A practical and flexible reading approach designed for Global Thinkers (i.e. strategic & concept-oriented thinkers).

Note-Taking Options 
You will learn a variety of flexible note-taking strategies you can use based on your own personal thinking style – and the type of reading material.


Deciphering Complex Information 
You will learn how to quickly break-down complex (and poorly written) material to ensure accurate and complete comprehension.

Reading Critically 
You will learn how to determine when the reading material is accurate and from a trustworthy source.


At the beginning of the training class you will receive a workbook containing all of the reading strategies and implementation steps.  The workbook will also contain custom worksheets to help you organize your reading material, take effective notes, and put the information immediately to use.

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