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As a project manager, your role is to ensure that each project starts out and remains in line with the company's strategic goals and delivers expected value. In this course, you'll learn how to analyze how your project will benefit the organization and bring value to stakeholders. You will learn how to develop the project charter with this goal in mind and to involve stakeholders in the process. Finally, you'll learn strategies for managing stakeholder expectations so that they remain in line with project goals and developments.

Learning Objectives
  • Arrange elements within the business strategy hierarchy
  • Identify elements of a project's strategic framework
  • Recognize characteristics of strategic project leadership
  • Demonstrate your understanding of strategy-focused project management
  • Identify actions that help to achieve and maintain strategic alignment
  • Match types of business environment analysis with situations when they would be used
  • Recognize activities involved in doing a benefit analysis on a project
  • Demonstrate your understanding of how to maintain strategic alignment during a project
  • Recognize the impact that a project may have on stakeholders
  • Recognize the involvement of different types of stakeholders in the creation and communication of the project charter
  • Recognize how balanced scorecards and strategy maps are used to communicate strategic alignment to stakeholders
  • Recognize effective methods for managing stakeholder expectations
  • Demonstrate your understanding of how to keep stakeholder expectations aligned with strategic goals
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