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In order to excel in business, organizations must translate their vision into the necessary level of competencies needed to achieve goals. This course examines how human resource development (HRD) aligns the skills, knowledge, and abilities of staff to future organization and individual needs. In addition, the course looks at how an understanding of adult learning and motivation can assist in staff development. Finally, the course covers some organizational development initiatives that are now seen as an integral part of HRD. This course prepares HR professionals and management who are preparing for the Human Resource Certification Institute's Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification examination.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the benefits of developing strategic thinking skills
  • Identify the benefits associated with a competency-based approach to HRD
  • Match the stages in competency-based performance management to the steps of each stage
  • Identify the impact that organizational learning, performance, and change have on HRD
  • Match the five organizational learning disciplines within a learning organization to examples
  • Recognize the benefits of understanding adult learners
  • Match Knowles' assumptions about adult learning with examples
  • Help an adult learner to overcome resistance to learning in a given scenario
  • Match learning styles with examples of how learners learn
  • Recognize types of learning curves
  • Distinguish between the different levels in Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Recognize the benefits of understanding learners' motivation for learning
  • Match major motivational theories with examples of their applicability to adult workers
  • Recognize how organizational development can help you in implementing HR strategies
  • Recognize examples of the stages in an intervention or action-research process
  • Identify the relationship between an organization's strategy and its culture
  • Recognize examples of ways you can assist in a change initiative
  • Recognize which intervention strategy is best to use in a given a scenario
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