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Coaching has many uses in organizations, and the sequence of coaching activities is similar in all of them. This course will involve learners in the continuous process of discovery, goal setting, action planning, and follow-up that distinguishes coaching from other development methods.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits of adequate preparation for a coaching session.
  • Determine which coaching opportunities exist within a given scenario.
  • Use appropriate techniques to persuade a coachee that coaching is needed.
  • Identify examples of the appropriate actions to take when planning and preparing for a coaching session.
  • Identify the benefits of applying a structured approach to coaching.
  • Identify the elements of SMART coaching goals.
  • Establish the reality of a situation in a given coaching scenario.
  • Evaluate development options in a coaching session in a given scenario.
  • Effectively wrap up a given coaching session.
  • Recognize the benefits of following up the coaching session.
  • Apply techniques to ensure that a coachee realizes his or her coaching goals in a given scenario.
  • Determine whether the appropriate level of support was provided to coachees in a given situation.
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