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Ramp up or hunker down in today’s market(s)? Choose to ramp up, and you will want to add Walt Slaughter’s value selling strategies, tips and techniques to your toolbox.

All will help you sell more profitably and to increase market share. Hear how to make value, not price, the issue in a program that Sales & Marketing Management calls "a seminar worth your staff's time and money".

Research shows that 93% of all customers seek value when they buy, and that, in part, value is based upon a buyer's relationship with a supplier.

You Will Learn
  • 15 things that buyers want from you before low price.
  • How to book 50% or more new business on non-price issues.
  • How to clinch any sale with three questions.
  • How to side step the commoditization trap.
  • Why most salespeople don't score with their value propositions.
  • How to react when it is about price.
  • How to capture buyers’ undivided attention (no small thing today).
  • Ways to make an instant ally of virtually every prospect.
  • How to avoid making today's five most common selling mistakes.
  • How to bullet-proof your customer base.
  • How to sell to each buyer's value perceptions.
  • How to differentiate your products and services from your competitors' offerings.
  • The single most effective "close" you can use.
70% or more of all B2B buyers are not especially price sensitive. Learn what prospective buyers want from you and how to become their "go to" supplier. You will create scores of new sales and profit opportunities.

More value-selling ideas that you will take away and put to work:
  • Five little-known tips for winning more bids and quotes
  • How to respond when a buyer says that he can get the same thing for less
  • How not to telegraph that your price is negotiable
  • Why never to be first to present your product or service solution(s)
  • When asking a favor beats doing a favor every time
  • How to minimize – even eliminate – RISK on the part of the buyer
  • Three ways to defer discussing price prematurely
  • How to maintain gross margin when faced with competitive pressure
Reasons To Register Now:
  • YOU will book more business and earn more money. - Value selling techniques consistently lead to greater sales and profits. That means higher earnings for you!

  • YOU will become a master at selling value. - Competing upon price is the second most common mistake that salespeople make. You, on the other hand, will become expert at differentiating your products and services while focusing upon value, not price.

  • YOU will enjoy a smaller, more interactive environment. - Catch Walt at an association event, and you will be in a crowd. We limit seating at this event to 20 people. Expect to have your voice heard and your questions answered!

  • YOU will experience a complete, stand-alone program. - Have you attended a seminar only to discover that it was a lead-in to the sale of more expensive products or services? Not here. This is a stand-alone program with no back-of-room sales or pitches from the podium.
Times, Dates, and Locations

This seminar begins at 8:00 and ends at 4:15 at the location and dates posted herein. Morning and afternoon breaks will be taken. One hour will be allocated for lunch on your own. Meeting site (a hotel or conference center in your area) will be included in your confirmation.

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