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Customer Relationship Management: Fundamentals of CRM introduces the student to the benefits of creating customer loyalty, developing a market intelligence enterprise, and incorporating customer relationship management into your company. The program also details the three steps a company can take to create customer loyalty, the four marketing tiers, the four types of CRM, and the four steps of the CRM process, as well as critical success factors a company should evaluate before using a specific type of CRM..

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the benefits of creating loyal customers
  • Sequence the steps for creating loyal customers
  • Match the tiers of marketing with their correct descriptions
  • Identify the goals of a market intelligence enterprise
  • Match the four types of customer relationship management with their descriptions
  • Identify the division that is most affected by implementing customer relationship management
  • Identify the goals of CRM
  • Sequence the steps of the CRM process
  • Identify the advantages of using CRM systems
  • Identify internal CSF evaluation questions
  • Identify user CSF evaluation questions
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