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Coaching offers organizations a win-win method for developing their employees. It not only helps individuals reach their potential but also helps the organization improve its productivity and competitiveness. In a rapidly changing business world, coaching can also help employees adjust and adapt their skill sets. Coaching is about encouraging, confronting, challenging, questioning, as well as consistently respecting and supporting coachees in developing and achieving their goals. This course introduces the skills you need to be an effective coach, including listening and observing, providing feedback, questioning, and setting goals. It also covers how to identify which coaching role is most appropriate for a given individual or situation. The course also details the importance of selling the idea of coaching to those you feel need it. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize examples of actions that demonstrate skills a coach needs to be successful
  • Recognize which coaching role is most appropriate for a given individual
  • Recognize how to effectively explain the need for coaching
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