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Like all relationships, mentoring comes with its share of obstacles. Effectively building and maintaining a mentoring relationship is important for creating a satisfying and productive pairing. Although the mentee drives the growth phase of the mentoring relationship, the mentor's ability to effectively understand, gauge, probe, and respond to the issues the mentee brings to the table is a crucial aspect of maintaining a solid mentor-mentee bond. In this course, you'll learn how to manage the mentor-mentee relationship and how to respond appropriately to issues that arise. The course examines how to give constructive feedback that enables mentees to solve their own problems. It also provides guidelines on how to deal with program issues such as too much formality and too little support. It explains how to address interpersonal issues in order to sustain a valuable mentoring relationship. Finally, it looks at the unique issues that might arise when mentors and mentees are involved in a virtual mentoring relationship.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to manage mentoring relationships effectively
  • Determine whether a mentor is giving feedback appropriately in a given scenario
  • Address mentoring program issues in a given scenario
  • Recognize ways to address interpersonal issues in mentoring relationships
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Essential Mentoring Techniques: Building and Maintaining Mentoring Relationships Online course
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