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Because people sometimes have a negative opinion of politics and politicians, you might to think that politics should be kept out of business organizations. However, organizations are sites where power and influence are exercised, so politics can't always be avoided. The real challenge is to leverage organizational politics in a positive way. This course defines politics in relation to power and influence, distinguishes between negative and positive politicking, and gives instruction on how to be a politically constructive leader in your organization. More specifically, it provides guidance on using positive political actions to promote a course of action and get the best from employees.

Learning Objectives
  • Match kinds of power in organizations to examples
  • Match examples of negative political behavior to appropriate categories
  • Identify examples of characteristic activities of politically constructive leaders in organizations
  • Recognize political actions a leader could take to promote a course of action
  • Recognize examples of appropriate political actions a leader could take to get the best from employees
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