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Customer advocacy is an approach to customer management that seeks to generate exceptional value for customers by focusing on their success. At a time when customers have more power than ever, customer advocacy can be an effective way of building long-lasting customer relationships. Advocates keep the best interests of the customer in mind – even if it means recommending competitors' products or services. This builds trust in the advocate organization. To be successful at customer advocacy, however, an organization needs an in-depth, ongoing understanding of what customers truly value. This course describes how to find out what customers value by using effective questioning techniques and then draw on this feedback to drive improvements in the customer experience. And the course outlines the importance of trust in the customer relationship and how a customer advocacy approach helps build trust. It also describes how to address customer complaints and problems in a way that builds trust. This entails viewing complaints as key opportunities for both resolving issues and providing customers with the tools and services they need in order to be successful.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the benefits of being able to use a customer advocacy approach
  • Identify accurate statements about trust in customer relationships
  • Recognize steps in finding out what customers value
  • Recognize how to address customer complaints in a way that helps build trust
  • Address a customer complaint in a way that helps build trust
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