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People are the most important part of any organization. Developing tomorrow's organizational leaders requires a continuous commitment by managers and HR professionals to prepare new managers to grow into leadership roles. New managers must be properly oriented and trained when moving to their new positions. But training is an ongoing process, and mentoring is one key strategy for turning these new managers into leaders who'll help keep the organization prosperous into the future. This course covers the elements of an effective orientation program. It then illustrates some appropriate techniques for training new managers, such as job coaching, customer and supplier visits, and involvement in shared projects with other teams. Finally, it introduces a mentoring model so you can help new managers realize their leadership potential.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify true statements about orienting new managers
  • Recognize techniques for training new managers
  • Determine whether the techniques for mentoring new managers have been followed appropriately in a given scenario
  • Mentor new managers
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