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"It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place." Lewis Carroll's words in Through the Looking Glass, have never been more applicable than today. The workplace is changing. Today's managers are competing for skilled workers, facing high turnover, and coping with technology changes that occur at warp speed. Effective managers must be less product-oriented, and more people-oriented. In order to thrive in these shifting times, you need skills that will help you maximize the potential of your workforce. Tomorrow's Managers' Competencies will teach you how to develop your employees through influence and inspired guidance. You'll improve communications and negotiation skills, learn how to get buy-in, and discover management strategies that ensure success. You'll have the tools to achieve an office or work environment full of energized, high-performance people who are totally engaged in building a powerful organization.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits of applying managerial competencies.
  • Identify the competencies needed for coaching and counseling.
  • Select strategies for identifying training needs.
  • Apply the characteristics of an effective performance manager in a given scenario.
  • In a given situation, apply the steps associated with delegation.
  • Recognize the value of measuring competencies.
  • Apply the process for determining competencies in a given scenario.
  • Differentiate between situations where testing for behavior, personality, or skills is indicated.
  • Identify the important components of a written performance agreement.
  • Recognize the benefit of setting performance expectations.
  • In a given situation, apply the elements necessary to communicate assignment expectations.
  • Apply the methods for establishing accountability in a given scenario.
  • In a given scenario, determine an individual's learning style based on exhibited traits.
  • Associate individual traits with various performance styles.
  • Recognize the value of cultivating advanced communication skills.
  • Explain the principles associated with negotiation during a negotiation process.
  • Identify techniques for testing for comprehension.
  • Identify various strategies to encourage buy-in.
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