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Getting others to work hard and give their best to an organization isn't always easy. This book offers positive ideas, concepts, methods, and approaches to effectively motivate others. Practical examples explain how to communicate better, set goals, and reward performance.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: • Provide a workable formula for winning people over • Show how to raise the enthusiasm of others • Illustrate how to be critical without being resented • Explain how to reach key people and gain support • Share secrets of dealing with stubborn people • Describe how to recognize and profit from the strengths of others • Help you interest others in your ideas


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Part 1: Create the Motivating Workplace • Meet the Difficult Employee • Why Employees Don’t Get the Job Done! • Close the Commitment Gap! • What Makes Employees Happy? • Ten Qualities Employees Want in a Job • Your One-Page Productivity Plan Part 2: Motivating Through Empowerment • How to Empower Your Staff • The First Phase of Empowerment • The Second Phase of Empowerment • The Third Phase of Empowerment • The Empowering Supervisor • The Empowering Organization • Becoming an Empowering Organization Part 3: Five Steps to Success Step 1: Learn to Lead • The Efficient-Manager Checklist • Employees Who Think for Themselves • Bonus Section: Pass on the Vision • Share the Vision! • Creating the Vision • What Is Your Vision • Case Situation 1 Step 2: Examine Expectations • Reorganize the Work Flow • Make Work Interesting • Bonus Section: S.O.S.: Solution Finder • S.O.S. = Situation + Opportunity = Solution • Case Situation 2 Step 3: Act Like You Care • Learn to Listen • Keep Employees Informed • A Listening and Informing Survey • Bonus Section: Your Unique Style • Four Personality Types • Case Situation 3 Step 4: Respect Employees as Professionals • Respect Employees’ Feelings • Recognize Quality Performance • A Time for You • Bonus Section: The Power of 4 • Case Situation 4 Step 5: Never Stifle Personal Growth • How High Is Your I.Q.? (Innovation Quotient) • How High Is Your Organization’s I.Q.? • Bonus Section: Your Goal Sheet • Case Situation 5 Part 4: Practice What you’ve Learned • Two-Week Checklist • Three-Week Checklist • One-Month Checklist • Your empowerment plan


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