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Total Quality and Quality Tools breaks Total Quality Management into distinct easy-to-understand stages. You will learn the steps required for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating a total quality solution. With the stages in place, the required basic tools for quality analysis are taught before the learner is introduced to some more advanced tools for Total Quality Management.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the steps of the design stage.
  • Identify the steps of the development stage.
  • Identify the steps of the implementation stage.
  • Identify the vital points of the evaluation stage.
  • Identify reasons why measurement is critical for quality management.
  • Identify reasons for measuring key process variables.
  • Identify reasons for internal and external measurement of performance.
  • Identify characteristics of a process flow chart.
  • Identify the characteristics of a scatter diagram.
  • Identify the use of control charts.
  • Recognize the characteristics of a Pareto analysis.
  • Identify the uses of a cause and effect diagram.
  • Recognize how to construct an affinity diagram.
  • Identify ways a priority matrix can assist in managing quality.
  • Identify the steps in constructing a process and decision program chart.
  • List the three aims of Quality Function Deployment.
  • Recognize the uses of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.
  • Recognize how to examine performance using benchmarking.
  • Identify the aims of Material Flow Management.
  • Identify methods of Material Flow Management.
  • Recognize the aims of Total Predictive Maintenance.
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