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Does your company have a policy in place for hiring and retaining its top-performing employees? Would you know how to convince valuable employees to stay if they were to hand in their resignation? It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to retain their top-level employees in today's competitive market. This course examines how to attract and ultimately retain top performers through a combination of benefits packages, performance reviews, improved management policies and other non-financial reward strategies. You will also learn how to promote your company in such a way as to increase interest among prospective candidates and further improve loyalty from top performers within your organization.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the benefits that top performers bring to an organization
  • Determine which employees are the top performers in a given scenario
  • Differentiate between the three levels of employee performance
  • Recognize the benefits of being able to acquire, review, and reward top performers
  • Determine which applicant is most likely to be a top performer, based on responses to questions asked in an interview
  • Recognize the benefits of an effective talent review process
  • Identify the steps of an effective review process
  • Identify the benefits of effective compensation plans
  • Differentiate between financial and non-financial rewards
  • Identify methods of retaining top performers
  • Recognize the main characteristics of a manager of choice
  • Recognize the benefits of being an employer of choice
  • Recognize examples of employers of choice
  • Use effective strategies to deal with the resignation of a valuable employee
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