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If you're having problems finding and keeping technical professionals, you're not alone. In our financially competitive and technologically advanced business world, technical professionals are in great demand. Managers need to find ways to attract top-performing technical employees and keep them once they're on the job. In fact, surveys show that managers list attracting, motivating, and retaining these technical professionals as one of their most challenging tasks. This course is designed to help managers meet that challenge. In it you will learn the factors and techniques that can attract competent technical people to a job, and you will learn how to apply these techniques to your own company. Plus, you will explore how to create the kind of work environment that will support and delight these professionals so they will continue to improve their performance and stay with your company.

Learning Objectives
  • Attracting Technical Professionals
  • Recognize the benefits of attracting top-performing technical professionals to your organization.
  • Job-seeking Behaviors of Technical Professionals
  • Match the attributes of technical professionals with their job-seeking behaviors.
  • Hiring Strategies that Attract Technical Professionals
  • Select elements that attract technical professionals.
  • Analyze techniques for attracting technical professionals to a business or organization, in a given situation.
  • Motivating Technical Professionals
  • Recognize the benefits of motivating technical professionals.
  • Motivational Factors for Technical Professionals
  • Select examples of elements that motivate technical professionals in their work.
  • Creating Goals for Technical Professionals
  • Match methods for setting challenging goals to motivate technical professionals.
  • Apply methods for setting challenging goals, in a given scenario.
  • Retaining Technical Professionals
  • Recognize the benefits of retaining technical professionals.
  • The Technical Professional's Environment
  • Apply strategies to create work environments that retain technical professionals, in a given situation.
  • Evaluating the Performance of Technical Professionals
  • Identify performance evaluation criteria that help retain technical professionals.
  • Apply the performance evaluation criteria that can help retain technical professionals, in a given situation.
  • Audience

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