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Whether your customer is across the country or across the hall, understanding and meeting their needs is the first and last step to success. External customers drive sales and growth. Internal customers are the key to efficiency and profitability. We can all contribute to the success of our organization by winning over customers with superior products and delivering outstanding customer service.


After completing this course you will be able to: • Define quality customer services and discover why its important, and discover how it can be adopted as a company-wide perspective. • Have a positive attitude that customers notice and examine how your attitude is reflected in your appearance, language, tone and telephone skills. • Identify your customer's needs by understanding basic human needs, learn how to read your customers, and discuss the benefits of a CRM system. • Provide for your customers' needs by performing your job well, communicating clear messages, practicing effective selling skills and planning for unexpected situations. • Ensure that customers return by soliciting feedback, satisfying complaints, preparing for common complaints, dealing with difficult customers effectively and exceeding their expectations.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Part 1: Winning with the Customer • Do You Have What It Takes to Win with the Customer? • Comparing Customer Service to a Refrigerator • What Is Quality Customer Service? • Four Reasons Why Quality Service is Important • Adopting a Customer Service Perspective • Why Winning at Customer Service is Important to You • Summary Part 2: Showing a Positive Attitude • Why a Positive Attitude Is Important • Communicate Your Best Image • Monitoring the Sound of Your Voice • Using the Telephone Effectively • Staying Energized • Summary and Follow-Up Part 3: Identifying Customer Needs • Identifying Customer Needs • Understanding Basic Needs • Recognizing Customer Timing Requirements • Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers • Remaining Attentive • Using a CRM System • Summary Part 4: Providing for the Needs of Your Customers • Providing for Your Customers' Needs • Meeting Basic Customer Service Needs • Performing Important Backup Duties • Sending Clear Messages • Saying the Right Thing • Selling Your Organization's Uniqueness • Meeting the Computer Challenge • Preparing for the Unexpected • Summary Part 5: Making Sure Your Customers Return • Making Sure Your Customers Return • Soliciting Customer Feedback • Handling Complaints Effectively • Getting Difficult Customers on Your Side • Taking That One Extra Service Step • Reviewing the Actions that Cause a Customer to Return • Striving for Quality Customer Service


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