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Analyzing and understanding voice of the customer data is an important first step in managing customer-driven process improvement. This data reveals important information about customers' needs, perceptions, and attitudes. But what do you do with the insights you gain from it? Translating the voice of the customer into measurable process requirements is the next step. It means taking those initial insights and digging deeper so that you can turn customer needs into process goals. This course shows you how to do this. It describes what critical to quality (CTQ) customer requirements are and how to use CTQ analysis to express customer requirements as meaningful, measurable, and actionable process characteristics. It then outlines the steps for doing a quality function deployment analysis, which helps you translate the voice of customer data into internal specifications for products and processes.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify effective examples of critical to quality customer requirements
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a CTQ tree in a given scenario
  • describe the priorities and relationships in a completed QFD analysis for a given scenario
  • Match components of a House of Quality to their descriptions
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