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One of the stages in customer-driven process improvement is identifying problem areas in current processes. It's vital to find out why something has gone wrong in a process, especially if it affects the organization's ability to meet customers' requirements. By identifying problems and unearthing their causes, you can pinpoint the changes necessary for resolving the problem and improving the process. This course describes how to identify process problems by doing a gap analysis. It also explains the importance of analyzing the causes of process problems. And it shows how to use a cause-and-effect diagram, as well as the 5 Whys tool, to do this type of analysis. Finally, it outlines how to validate the causes you identify.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize examples of the steps in gap analysis
  • Determine the most effective cause-and-effect diagram for a given scenario
  • Assess how well the 5 Whys tool has been used to determine the root cause of a problem in a given scenario
  • Match descriptions to the type of statistical analysis used for validating possible process problems
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