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Change is hard. As a change leader, you'll bump up against resistance, doubt, discouragement, and apathy that can quickly erode any initial success. Understanding why change is so difficult for people gives you an edge for answering resistance, overcoming skills and information gaps, and moving the organization into a new way of thinking and behaving. |n In this course, you will learn how to tie the three keys to sustainable change – discomfort, vision, and skill – to the deployment of change in a manner that succeeds and lasts indefinitely in the future. Discover how to communicate, motivate, and monitor change in order to weave it permanently into the fabric of the organization. |

Learning Objectives
  • Employ strategies to remove the discomfort of change and make changes stick
  • Select strategies for communicating change to different groups
  • Recognize how to reinforce skills and make change "sticky"
  • Leverage performance management methods to make change "sticky"
  • Use appropriate strategies to sustain planned change
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