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Failing to realize the importance of customer service and effective complaints handling leads to increasingly dissatisfied customers. Organizations need to be able to address the needs of customers in an effective and efficient manner. This course is intended to show the proper procedures and processes needed to provide effective customer service: how to properly support a customer, how to provide accurate documentation, and how to handle difficult customers. This course helps to prepare learners interested in the Customer Support Specialist (CSS) Certification, which is targeted to individuals wishing to qualify to work in a customer support center/help desk environment.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the benefits of process management
  • Match the goals of process management with descriptions of how each improves the performance of the CSS
  • Match the elements from the process management system with their examples
  • Match examples of document types to the appropriate documentation tier
  • Identify the benefits of accurately documenting processes
  • Identify the importance of effective call handling in the operation of a support center
  • Use appropriate procedures for handling a call in a given scenario
  • Select the appropriate actions when communicating status updates in a scenario
  • Apply problem-solving techniques in the interaction between a CSS and a customer
  • Identify unprofessional behaviors to avoid when dealing with a customer
  • Identify the steps involved in putting a customer on hold
  • Identify the information to be included when leaving a voice message for a customer
  • Identify the benefits of being able to deal effectively with "problem" customers
  • Implement strategies for dealing with abusive customers in a given scenario
  • Identify techniques for dealing with irate customers
  • Implement an appropriate strategy to deal with an emotional customer in a given scenario
  • Recognize emotional customers
  • Identify the benefits provided by the escalation of complaints
  • Match customer issues with the appropriate escalation approach
  • Select appropriate ways of updating a customer in a given scenario
  • Identify appropriate approaches for updating a customer
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