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Senior managers provide a vital connection between organizational leadership and frontline management. They oversee the development of the organization's goals and its achievement. In addition, they must also manage relationships, both across the organization and across functions. While they are the voice of top management, they are also expected to deal with their own line managers to ensure that the organization's strategy is translated into action. These managers often need guidance, feedback, and appraisal on the application of business strategy. Managing managers is likely to be a greater challenge than ever before. It requires a new set of skills, insights, and competencies to drive performance and improve the bottom line. Successful managers must not only have the ability to continuously drive their managers to respond to change and stay ahead of the learning curve, they must also cope with any performance impediments, execute strategy, and deliver results.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the responsibilities of the managerial role
  • Recognize examples of methods to build a winning team of managers
  • Delegate tasks effectively in a given scenario
  • Identify the benefits of effective delegation
  • Use effective negotiation techniques in a given scenario
  • Identify the characteristics of performance management strategies
  • Recognize examples of effective managerial mentoring
  • Identify the benefits of mentoring
  • Sequence examples of the steps you can take to build high performance through coaching
  • Identify the benefits of high-performance coaching
  • Identify the signs that indicate a manager may be misplaced as a manager of managers in a given scenario
  • Recognize examples of how organizational politics apply to managers
  • Recognize techniques to manage non-performing managers
  • Recognize which strategy to use to manage conflict in a given scenario
  • Identify the benefits of conflict
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