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After investigating current processes, it's time to find improvement solutions. You need to ask what actions or ideas will help address the root cause of any problems uncovered. Which of these ideas make up workable potential solutions? Which solution will most likely fix the issue with the least cost and disruption? How do you test a chosen solution to ensure its effectiveness? This course addresses such questions. It outlines ways to generate ideas for improving a process. It explains how to refine those ideas and select the best idea by using a solution matrix. It also describes how to calculate the risk of your given solution by using failure modes and effects analysis.

Learning Objectives
  • Distinguish between different improvement solutions you may use to make processes better
  • Assess the effectiveness of a brainstorming session to generate process improvement ideas, in a given scenario
  • Describe ways to refine ideas for improving processes
  • Sequence the steps in creating a solution matrix
  • Use FMEA to determine potential risks of an improvement solution in a given scenario
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